greyhound races

The English Greyhound Derby, Irish Greyhound Derby, Melbourne Cup, and Golden Jacket are among the most illustrious greyhound races globally. These high-stakes events are celebrated for their fierce competition, the remarkable speed of the participants, and the substantial prize money that captivates audiences worldwide.

With their rich histories and traditions, these races not only engage greyhound enthusiasts but also reflect the cultural and sporting significance of greyhound racing. Greyhounds today continue to be celebrated in these prestigious events, showcasing their agility and speed in front of captivated audiences.

English Greyhound Derby

The English Greyhound Derby, inaugurated in 1927, is one of the most prestigious greyhound races in the world. Organized annually by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB), the race is held at the Towcester Greyhound Stadium in Northamptonshire, England. Attracting around 180 greyhounds, the event awards the winner a significant prize of £175,000. For the latest greyhound results, visit the official website.

Irish Greyhound Derby

Held annually at Shelbourne Park in Dublin, Ireland, the Irish Greyhound Derby is another highly esteemed race. It began in 1928, a year after its English counterpart. In addition to a €300,000 purse, the winner receives the Pat Doran Trophy, honoring a former Irish Greyhound Derby champion. The event runs from August to September, featuring the best greyhounds in Ireland in a thrilling competition.

Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup, an iconic annual greyhound race in Australia, is known as the “race that stops a nation.” It is the richest greyhound race globally, boasting a staggering prize fund of AUD $1,000,000. Held at the Sandown Park Greyhound Racing Club in Victoria since 1956, the Melbourne Cup has grown into a major event attracting fans from across the globe.

Golden Jacket

Crayford Stadium in London
Crayford Stadium in London

The Golden Jacket, held at Crayford Stadium in London, England, is a prestigious long-distance greyhound race in the UK. This annual event covers a distance of 714 meters, making it one of the longest races in the greyhound racing calendar. Participants compete for a prize of £17,500 and the esteemed Golden Jacket trophy. The race takes place every February, drawing greyhound racing enthusiasts eager to witness the endurance and tenacity of the competing dogs.

Despite its critics, greyhound racing provides thrill, excitement, and nail-biting finishes for many. The skill, speed, and athleticism displayed by these phenomenal dogs in the world’s most famous greyhound races are undeniable.

The Most Famous Races

Hosts exhilarating greyhound races that regularly attract numerous spectators and enthusiasts. The events here showcase top-tier performances from some of the fastest and finest greyhounds worldwide.

Notable trainers like Patrick Janssens and John Mullins have achieved victories at Towcester, guiding winners such as Romeo Command, Fabulous Azzurra, and Signet Goofy. The annual English Derby, a prestigious event in the greyhound racing calendar, draws a significant audience and fosters intense competition. The anticipation and dedication at Towcester make it a must-visit destination for any greyhound racing enthusiast.


Greyhound racing, with its storied history and thrilling events, continues to be a significant cultural and sporting phenomenon across the globe. From the historic English and Irish Greyhound Derbies to the high-stakes Melbourne Cup and the endurance-testing Golden Jacket, these races celebrate the speed, agility, and athleticism of greyhounds.

Despite facing criticism and controversies, the sport captivates a dedicated fanbase and showcases the impressive capabilities of these remarkable animals. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer, attending any of these prestigious races provides an unforgettable experience, underscoring the enduring allure and excitement of greyhound racing.