Star Wars is not only a series of several successful films. This objective universe has long united dreamers, writers, gamers, spectators, and other creative personalities. Thanks to George Lucas, a vast world attracts different people even today.

You can visit Zoshy Movies and other similar Android apps that can be installed after apk download and make sure there are many movies and cartoons on Star Wars and even games. In this blog post, we will demonstrate the best games in the universe of this legendary project.

The best games in the universe of Star Wars

  1. KotOR. The first game was released in 2003 and developed by BioWare. At the time, the developers were not limited to anything and drew Karpyshin was responsible for the script and is a talented writer and screenwriter. Combining these factors allowed them to create one of the best RPGs in the world.
  2. KotOR II (2004). Obsidian Entertainment developed this project. The developers created a more severe and gloomy sequel than the original. However, the storyline continues and tells us about a character who happens to be a Jedi who has moved to a starship but needs to remember how he got there. Then he must search for the scattered Jedi, uniting them and restoring order. Also, he can pretend to be one of the Sith, turning people’s lives from one galaxy into a nightmare.
  3. The Old Republic 2012 was an MMORPG released instead of KotOR III. We know some corporations back on the project: BioWare and Drew Karpishin. The result was quite interesting. It was one of the biggest MMORPGs, which resembled the usual RPG solo in its style. After a gamer chooses a side and range, they will receive a long line of quests that affect certain characters and planets. It was very cool, but another factor pleases the players, and this is why the developers have abandoned text dialogues and made them all sound.
  4. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (2003). This game is called the Jedi life simulator, which can fight with firearms, laser swords, and force. The central character is a graduate of the Jedi Academy who, along with Luke Skywalker, flies to Yavin, where the events begin. Their goal is to win members of the revived Deadly Cult.

    Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  5. The Force Unleashed. This game was released in 2008 and was written by George Lucas. According to its gameplay, this project closely resembled Jedi Academy but drew gamers’ attention to the use of force. The storyline revolves around Starkiller, who is a baby which Darth Vader found and raised to overthrow the Emperor.
  6. Republic Commando appeared in 2005, and here, gamers were allowed to try out as a simple clone soldier. According to its gameplay, this project is a tactical first-person shooter. The gamer will go through all the key battles of the clone war, which, combined with a beautiful picture and fascinating gameplay, brings a lot of fun.
  7. Battlefront II. This is a perfect game that appeared in 2017. Although it did not delight the gamers with any interesting plot or colorful characters, it allowed them to participate in many large-scale battles on different planets. Thus it brought a lot of pleasure to all computer users.
  8. Empire at War 2006: Forces of Corruption is the first strategy on the list to revolve around the civil war between the Empire and the rebels.
  9. LEGO Star Wars 2007: The Complete Saga. is a variation of LEGO that helps the gamer feel the plot twists familiar from the movies of the universe. However, the last one has excellent humor and jokes.
  10. Bounty Hunter 2002 invites you to become a mercenary named Django, who will perform various paid assignments. We cannot ignore the fact that it has challenging tasks, unclear levels, and complex bosses.
    These are the ten Star Wars games that will not leave all fans upset.