Video games are created for different purposes. Some gamers simply relax at the computer. Others are fond of team competitions. Still others find friends and communicate in this way. But there are players who like challenges. We have compiled the top of the hardest games, which require hundreds of hours to complete.

Eve Online

This unique game stands out among other MMOs. Eve Online is famous for its high entry threshold. It can be difficult for a beginner to understand all the game subtleties. The game features numerous kinds of activities that even professional gamers are unaware of.

To control a spaceship, one needs to keep in mind a lot of nuances, such as the angular velocity of an enemy, the hit range, and much more.

Eve Online is difficult to play also because a destroyed spaceship cannot be restored. There is no possibility of saving or revival. The only thing the player can do is pick up some stuff from a destroyed ship.

Dwarf Fortress

The top of challenging games is inconceivable without Dwarf Fortress. It combines elements of a construction and management simulator and a roguelike game. Even though the game appeared more than 15 years ago, it is still in the beta stage.

The player is tasked with managing a group of dwarves to build an underground fortress in a fictional world. Dwarf Fortress implies no specific purpose. The  game’s motto  is “losing is fun.” Gamers will have to build new structures, protect them from enemies, and control their dwarves. Complex but fascinating gameplay is considered the main merit of the game. It is believed that it was it that once inspired the development of Minecraft.

Dwarf Fortress

Dark Souls

The top of hard PC games inevitably includes the Dark Souls series. This game is an open-world action RPG. It was initially developed for consoles, but a version for PC was also subsequently released.

The game is set in the fictional kingdom of Lordran. Because of a curse, people turn into undead there. The main character is also a kind of zombie. He is faced with the task of lighting the Sacred Flame to restore the old order. Players will have to explore the kingdom, find various items, and destroy bosses.

Dark Souls is famous for its high difficulty level. The character often dies until the gamer realizes what his mistake consists in and corrects it.


Achron is a real-time strategy game. It is justifiably included in the top of the hardest PC games. The player’s actions are not tied to the present time. In this strategy, one can simultaneously play in the past, present, and future.

The developers offer both single and multiplayer game modes. Troops can be transported to any instance of time and back. Achron can boast unique gameplay based on mathematical theories. The game requires more than 30 hours in the single-player mode to complete. There are four campaigns that embrace 35 unique levels. Thanks to the built-in editor, users can create custom modes.

Darkest Dungeon

This game has once been able to revive the roguelike RPG genre. The storyline begins with the character receiving a letter from his grandfather. The rich old man tells that there is an ancient evil in the dungeon of his castle. After it broke out, monsters appeared in the area. The character needs to come and fix the situation. Besides, the player will have to find out what is actually hiding in the dungeon. Darkest Dungeon can boast a fascinating plot. At the same time, it will not be easy for a gamer to complete the levels. Indeed, users consider the game one of the hardest in the genre.