Pixel graphics were initially an inherent feature of virtually any game. All because the processing power of computers was low. Currently, pixel games are mainly indie projects. Such graphics are now considered a special feature of some games. Let’s look at the best pixel games offered by developers at the moment.


This game is considered one of the best-selling in history. Almost everyone has heard about this sandbox. Minecraft offers to survive, build, destroy, and travel. The game can boast various mods that make it much more exciting.

Minecraft appeared at a time when graphics were considered of great importance. Its developers have been able to prove that the main thing is not realism but fascinating gameplay. The game features both single and multiplayer modes.


When considering the best pixel games for PC, it is impossible to overlook Terraria. It is in a way similar to Minecraft. Terraria is a pixel  2D sandbox. The player will have to find himself in a randomly generated world that can be explored either freely or while completing a specific mission. Gamers are offered to descend into dungeons inhabited by monsters and strong bosses, search for treasures, and much more.


Super Meat Boy

The top of pixel games for PC includes a hardcore platformer called Super Meat Boy. Players are offered to play for a character which girlfriend was kidnapped by the evil Dr. Fetus. The lad goes to the rescue. To do this, the player will have to complete several levels containing a huge number of traps.

The game does not feature autosaving, so if the player dies, they will have to start all over again. At the same time, the developers have provided players with the opportunity to complete the same level several times to collect bonuses or set new records. Over time, the player will be able to take advantage of new characters. Some of them are borrowed from other indie  projects.

The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac is an action RPG shooter included in the top of pixel games. The main character is a boy named Isaac. Together with him, gamers will have to wander through a gloomy dungeon and clean rooms. Isaac’s tears serve as a weapon to complete this task. Besides, the character can collect various randomly-generated items.

The game has several endings, so gamers can complete it several times. Users note the simplicity and convenience of controls.


Spelunky is quite an interesting project that will appeal to fans of pixel games. Its storyline is that the main character decides to go to the cave in search of treasure. However, he encountered a lot of traps and not that friendly monsters instead. Players are offered to control the character, collect gold, and overcome obstacles.

One of the game’s features is that it is without saves . So, users will need a lot of time to complete a level. There are also many complex traps that are difficult to detect . The player can complete the levels either alone or with friends.

The graphics aspect of games has dramatically improved. The performance and processing power of computers increase every year. Nevertheless, the popularity of pixel games does not fade. Some companies focus on them because they are cheaper to develop. Others try to offer a peculiar design. In any case, such games can be no less interesting and exciting than ones  with realistic graphics. This was vividly demonstrated by several projects rated among the best.