Stealth games for PC are considered one of the most popular types. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it includes many genres. Among them, one can choose a game for every taste. In stealth games, characters do not walk with arms at the ready. On the contrary, the player has to quietly and covertly eliminate opponents, which is a much more difficult task. Let’s look at the best stealth games for PC that will allow you to have a good time.

Thief Simulator

Thief Simulator is a single-player game in which the player will have to become an ordinary thief. The main goal is to get into people’s homes and take out all the valuables. The gamer will need to complete the levels, thinking through the ways to bypass guards and security systems. Users are faced with the task of invisibly entering a house and disappearing from it. Each level can be completed several times.

Shadow Tactics

The best stealth games include real-time tactics in the feudal Japan setting . In Shadow Tactics a gamer takes control of a group of ronins. The game is set in the Edo period of Japan. The player is tasked with completing several important espionage missions.

Each character has unique skills. The user can experiment while completing the levels. The game design is very flexible. One can save the game at any time so as not to start all over again. Shadow Tactics is notable for its bright color scheme and fascinating storyline. It will appeal to gamers who like interesting puzzles and non-standard solutions.


The top of stealth games predictably includes Hitman. Its main character is a killer who has to disguise himself by changing his clothes. The silent killer has skills that allow him to penetrate almost any facility.

Gamers will have to complete several missions. Each of them is a difficult task, which solution will allow one to show sharpness and ingenuity. The Hitman series features eight games, and one of them will leave fans of the genre indifferent. The game has been adopted to almost every modern platform. In some countries, Hitman appeared later than in others, but this has not prevented it from becoming popular.


The top of stealth games for PC features an action game created by French developers. Its main character is a goblin that solves various tasks. The player has to complete several missions. The developers have released two games of the series  — Styx: Master of Shadows and Styx: Shards of Darkness.

The game is notable for simple controls and exciting gameplay. Many gamers have appreciated the charismatic and charming main character.

Dead by Daylight

Fans of stealth games cannot remain indifferent to Dead by Daylight. The players are divided into two teams. The first one consists of Survivors. The second team is limited to a sole person. He is a dangerous killer who will hunt for the player and his fellows . Users can choose different characters. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, or another famous killer can haunt Survivors.

The player’s task is to explore alevel and turn on the generators. This will help one find a way out and escape from a closed premise. The player needs to manage to do that before the killer finds them. The game features high-quality graphics and a fascinating storyline. No wonder it is rated among the best.