Roulette is the most recognized casino symbol and a fascinating game of chance. It is no coincidence that the game of roulette enjoys enormous popularity all over the world. Some argue that winning is impossible, while others have developed special game schemes. Which of these people is correct?

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What are the roulette bets?

There are a lot of them. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Betting on a specific number – any values from 0 to 36 are chosen.
  2. Betting on color – 36 values on the field are divided into two colors: red and black. The exception is field 0, which is always green.
  3. Betting on a third, the playing field is divided into three parts: 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. You can bet not on one number but on several at once.
  4. Line betting is an option similar to the previous one, only in a different order. For example, you can bet on numbers from 1 to 4 and 4 to 7, etc.
  5. Betting on half – as with the choice of color, you can bet on 1-18 or 19-36.
  6. Betting on an even or odd number is an attempt to guess whether the value that rolls out will be an even or odd number.

Usually, in roulette, you can bet on multiple values at once. For example, you can set one chip by capturing four fields, increasing the chances of winning, but four times reduces the payout amount in case of success. In parallel, you can bet on sectors and red or black, and the final decision is up to you.

What varieties of roulette exist?

Interestingly, the U.S. has come up with its own roulette rules, which differ from, for example, European standards. And this is something to keep in mind when thinking about your strategy. In addition to the 36 fundamental values and 0 in the American version, one more field is added – the double 0, i.e., 00.

The extra margin gives the casino an even more significant advantage over the visitors, increasing the winnings in the range for them and, for the guests, the chances of leaving the casino with an empty purse. Keep this in mind and be careful.


Roulette strategies

Here are some excellent and working strategies that many avid roulette players have tested. They will help you multiply your profits and stay in the black more often than in the black.

The Martingale system

In this strategy, you need to bet either only on red or only on black. In this case, the bet is doubled after each loss until the winnings fall out. Then it is necessary to bet on another color and act on the same principle.

In the case of a 0, it is required to double the bet on the opposite color to the one which was chosen at the beginning of the game. If you use the Martingale system, it is desirable to start betting with small values.

Martingale system (alternative)

This strategy is also based on the Martingale method, but the bets are doubled after losing.

The Cuban system

This strategy uses the principle of uneven distribution of red and black sectors on the field. Two identical bets must be placed on black and the 1st column or red and the 2nd column. The probability of winning, in this case, is 54%. With this approach, you can make quite good money over a long distance.

5 of 6 method

If you want to win roulette using this method, you must bet in five groups of six. This strategy is good if you can make giant bids because if you lose, you will need to increase exponentially. For example, putting one dollar on the group, the next time, you have to put as much as five.

In the case of a loss, this amount would have to be multiplied again, and you get 25. This strategy is suitable for those who have a lot of money and are fearless in losing them.