If you’ve read a lot of Jack London novels and stories in your youth, you’ve probably dreamed of being among the prospectors in the Alaskan ice world, showing your best and proving to others that you love the atmosphere of northern adventure.

The Red Lantern game was developed by Timberline Studio and aired in 2020. It will show you your bravest and daring childhood dreams of adventure, of living in the harsh and meagre conditions of the American north.

The game plot

The Red Lantern game has a story that is unpredictable and volatile all the time:

  1. The main character travels through the territory of snowy and freezing Alaska to her friend, whose abandoned cabin is marked by The Red Lantern. The concept of this project will certainly give you a little nostalgia in the adventure of the girl, and it will certainly remind you of another character called Red Riding Hood with a basket of delicious cakes to the beloved grandmother at the far end of the dense forest.
  2. You should prepare carefully when you’re going on a long and dangerous journey. You will be able to choose a close-knit team of dogs (from whose character and endurance you will receive many advantages, including the heroine’s unharmed life), and you will need supplies and cartridges for hunting and self-defence (many bandits travel through the forests of Alaska). Don’t forget to take a piece of birch bark to start a fire.
  3. The protagonist of this game will choose the way she wants to travel. However, the gamer can think and decide which way to take the adventure.

Before you make another turn on the sleigh, they will freeze for one moment and a minute to think will appear at you. You can always press the button and study the map to orient and choose the best direction. For example, you can go further to the lake or to the forest where you will surely find wild animals and birch bark to start a fire. Once you make that decision, your dog crew will run forward and lead to their destination.

The Red Lantern
The Red Lantern

Gameplay and survival in the story

If you want to survive in harsh conditions, you should follow several rules:

  1. Dogs need to be fed like the main character. For that, a piece of charcoal-fried meat would be perfect.
  2. You’ll have very little ammo, and it’ll be hard to get it in the desert. But sometimes you’ll still be able to replenish the ammo.
  3. If you meet a reindeer, you should kill it, so don’t waste your ammo. One carcass of the recovered deer is enough to feed you and your dog.

The depletion rate is controlled by an indicator of eight levels. With each active action, one of the life force cells decreases.

The heroine will always have to choose one of two options: spend a cell of personal strength to obtain birch bark for the bonfire, or save energy for the hunt, because a rabbit or a northern partridge can always run past you.

You’ll also have difficulty hunting. So wild animals are not harmless victims who can stand up for themselves. If you want to get the moose, you have to be prepared to have enough meat much longer than a deer, but if you miss at least twice, this giant from the forest can fatally injure the main character and force her to use the first aid kit.

Every mistake can lead to the death of the main character. Then, you will have to start the game from the starting point. But each failure adds to the experience, and each time more and more efficiently is filled with energy, ammunition, provisions and medicine.

You can occasionally find some tools and tools in the most unexpected places. Tools help you to use less energy, such as an axe, to help you collect firewood without lowering your living standards.

The main atmosphere of this game will remind you of Jack London’s stories. Despite the struggle for life and the perils of death, you will surely feel at peace and tranquillity in a frozen desert.