The answer to the main question of the article is actually very simple: install a modified version of the application called JTWhatsApp. This program offers a completely new experience of using the famous messenger, whose original version belongs to Facebook or, more precisely, META. The basic concept of JTWhatsApp remains the same. This is still the same messenger that allows users to easily exchange files and other data and send text and voice messages to each other.

It’s not hard to guess, but let’s say it again: JTWhatsApp is an unofficial application that appeared in a very natural way. At some point, experienced developers using WhatsApp noticed that the messenger is not as convenient as it could be. In addition, it has recently lagged behind its direct competitors Viber and Telegram. That is why they decided to make their own changes to it, since their colleagues at META do not want to improve their product.

JTWhatsApp and WhatsApp: What’s the Difference?

After installing and running JTWhatsApp, experienced users of the original WhatsApp will see a familiar interface. At first glance, it might seem that everything is the same here. But the application has some significant changes. The first is that the developers of JTWhatsApp made it possible to use two instant messengers at the same time.

Besides, JTWhatsApp offers the following new features:

  1. JTWhatsApp offers users a lot more options to customize the style of the program. The developers have added a lot of themes, and their number continues to grow. Therefore, users can download and install any theme they like to make using the messenger especially pleasant.
  2. The developers of JTWhatsApp have also added the function of changing certain elements of the program, which gives users even more opportunities to customize the interface according to their preferences.
  3. Users who have stopped using WhatsApp to transfer photos can start doing it again in JTWhatsApp. The developers of the application have removed the compression, and therefore users can now receive images in their original size and quality.

Increasing the Level of Privacy

JTWhatsApp has significantly increased users’ privacy, which made it more comfortable for them to use the messenger. You can notice this in the following features:

  1. Application users can choose who from their contact list can see their profile data and the time they are online.
  2. Another nice feature is related to reading messages. Now users can read messages so that the person who sent them does not receive a read mark.
  3. JTWhatsApp users can now decide who can call them through the app.

Main Features

  1. JTWhatsApp allows users to exchange text and voice messages as well as photo, video and text files.
  2. JTWhatsApp has many more features than the official WhatsApp application.
  3. JTWhatsApp offers users a lot of visual customization options so they can create a visual style that suits their taste.
  4. JTWhatsApp can transfer up to 90 photos without losing their quality.
  5. The messenger is very pleasant to use due to the significantly increased level of user privacy.

And another nice bonus is that JTWhatsApp does not require payment. If you want to download it, visit the website with free downloadable applications for Android.