Paw Patrol: On A Roll is a fun and pleasant game for children of kindergarten and primary school age. If the grown-ups want to rest and do important domestic chores and be quiet for a while. This is often difficult to do because some adults have children who make a lot of noise and rumble.

Paw Patrol will become your trusted assistant. Cute, fun little dogs will keep your little heirs busy for a few minutes or even hours.

A platformer with little dogs that can save our planet

Paw Patrol can also easily take your children for hours of English at the level of natives if you are not a citizen of the British Kingdom. The gameplay and storyline are intuitively simple and understandable to young children and even to dogs (who have intelligence at the level of a young child – this is what British scientists have found).

In this game, gamers will have to jump on platforms, overcome obstacles that sometimes require ingenuity and observation, engage in non-standard thinking (a characteristic feature of such a project as an evolving game), and save ducks, rabbits and other animals that are in trouble.

To perform feats, a child needs to eat properly and restore energy to his or her body. That’s the reason patrol dogs with big ears will intercept and absorb crunchy sugar bones, too. In the meantime, the indicator will display those life force points that become larger with each bone caught and the dog typed by it in its stores.

Apparently, Paw Patrol’s project was to develop a love for animals in small children, which is very important for the modern world. Kids already love to be around dogs and hug every street dog they meet, and if caring parents didn’t swear at them and shout that they wouldn’t touch fleas dirty animals. On the contrary, the friendship of pets and children would be unshakeable and tender.

Paw Patrol: On A Roll
Paw Patrol: On A Roll

An excellent way to prepare a child for entering the digital economy

Many adults are convinced that games are a waste of entertainment, with no added value other than distracting hyperactive children from parents engaged in important adult activities.

In fact, the meta-goal of any modern game is to teach something useful in life, without creating unnecessary tension due to the excessive responsibility inherent in classical education as stress prevents the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Paw Patrol: On A Roll is a game that will become a treasure trove for many children. Even the smallest and youngest children, who find more complex computer games difficult to understand, will accept Paw Patrol with all the understanding and great interest in its plot.

All you have to do as an adult is click the Play button and then, a cute little puppy will run quickly to save all those animals that are in difficult situations. In this game, there is no violence and even the risk of losing. The fragile psyche of a young child will surely be completely safe.

In the meantime, the child will gradually become accustomed to computer manipulators, learning mouse and keyboard, and console controls with buttons and levers. According to their parents, even children under the age of three will be able to master Paw Patrol: On A Roll without difficulty and they will quickly achieve high scores on the scoreboard.

Strengths and weaknesses

Young children aged three to seven are not experienced users who can leave reviews and comments, and it is for them that Paw Patrol was developed. But parents are the kind of people who can leave a review instead of a child.

And many of them did. According to parents, Paw Patrol: On A Roll game will be the best choice for first experience games for any child. However, the smartest kids who already have some game experience will be able to say that this game is too easy for them. Then it won’t attract them.

Also, some parents complain about the game’s high resource intensity, resulting in low-performance computers starting to hang out. The developers recommend that parents use the game laptop to keep the game on the game at the most interesting place.