24Frame, Inc. is a developer and publisher who presented Metal Dogs game for analysis and evaluation of the global game community. Many specialists were able to attribute this game to several styles. It is a shooter, slasher, dynamic action, fantastic RPG, three-dimensional platformer, roguelike and even indie about military action with a view from above.

The rabid dogs will appear before you as armed big men, and they will save humanity, which has just died in a man-made disaster due to environmental degradation. At the same time, they will do so simultaneously with a deadly battle with huge hordes of monsters.

Metal Dogs game is a single-player game, but you will certainly not be bored. Also, you will have to fire the cannon almost continuously. Cute dogs are armed with automatic rifles, shotguns and portable rocket launchers, as well as high-explosive and incendiary projectiles.

The official description of the project said that all gamers would be able to begin hunting enemies with a wide range of weapons, and the Pochi Battle Dog would act as a character on behalf of a human.

It is a dog of a popular Japanese breed with a sweet expression and mind of steel. Also, he is kind of out of law because, in the war, there are no laws. The point is that it would simply be absurd in the struggle against the bloodthirsty enemies who claim the pitiful remnants of the human race that has just died in the global catastrophe.

Gameplay and story features

In the process of relentless destruction of your enemies, you will be able to use all the weapons the Dog is equipped with. The weapon is on his back, along with the ammunition. You will see the WANTED inscription above your enemies and then you will immediately realise that they are particularly dangerous, for the destruction of which special bonuses are due.

The graphical features of Metal Dogs game resemble computer hardware and the visualisation of the battlefield of a modern combat fighter, with targets and numbers to help users assess the internal situation.

Metal Dogs has tactical gameplay, but not a strategic one. You should shoot and dodge shells more than you should think about witty combat manoeuvres.

Metal Dogs
Metal Dogs

You won’t have time to think at all. The battle dog will run diligently across the battlefield and evade tank and machine-gun fire from all sides. However, he will also be able to shoot enemy fire points from a portable arsenal of weapons, such as:

  1. Machine guns that have low kill power but are fast-tracked and quickly reloaded.
  2. They’re destructive, but they have low ammunition and low speed.
  3. Special equipment includes long-range missiles.

Live ammunition and weapons are placed on three slots on Dog’s back. Depending on the situation on the battlefield and the predominant type of opponents, you can also give your dog breed Akita other types of weapons. Also, Pochi is the bravest and smartest dog that will impress you with the charm of his ancestors.

The game design features

The soundtrack of Metal Dogs game is a synthesis of quiescent electronic music interrupted by the natural sound of machine guns and cannon fire, and by the hissing of specialised products.

The melodic and harmonic features of the soundtrack of the Metal Dogs game are very similar to those of space fiction. The realism of the fight will be reinforced by the characteristic sound of falling casings. The work of the composer deserves the highest praise.

The kinesthetics of the attack dog’s movements anatomically accurately convey the characteristic running of a pet who rushes to his or her bowl to eat a delicious lunch. It looks very nice and funny. The military situation will only benefit from it. Also, this Dog sometimes whines and thus takes away a boring bang of machine guns.