The popularity of smartphones with better internet access led to the growth of the iGaming industry, making it more appealing to players than traditional casinos.

With mobile technology, programs like the Indibet app (, players can access various themes, advanced graphics, animations, and updated soundtracks. Virtual and augmented reality technology can enhance the online gambling experience by providing new sensations.

What is the Difference Between Gaming and iGaming?

The main distinction between gaming and iGaming is that iGaming involves betting or gambling, whereas gaming typically refers to recreational single and multiplayer games.

iGaming encompasses various online games that require skills like online casinos, sportsbooks, lotteries, etc., whereas online gaming does not involve real money for gambling purposes. However, there has been a trend towards blurring the line between the two in recent years.

Although you can buy in-game items and bet with real money, online video games are not intended for gambling with real money. However, online gambling incorporates gameplay elements inspired by the gaming industry. The iGaming field combines advanced technology with classic gaming enjoyment, provides unique bonuses, and players appreciate it.

Online gambling

iGaming regulation worldwide

The internet has allowed foreign online gambling operators to offer their services to players worldwide. Governments in different countries are working to regulate the industry and establish their own rules. Some countries, such as Belarus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and others, have legalized and regulated online gambling.

Geographical markets that require local licenses are called regulated markets. Online gambling providers need licenses to offer services to players in a specific country, just like land-based gambling.

In Lithuania, online gambling operators must have a specific amount of functioning land-based gambling establishments in the country before operating an online gambling site. Meanwhile, other countries have different laws. For instance, Israel prohibits online gambling, while some countries have no specific regulations.

For example, until October 2021, the Netherlands had no laws against or for iGaming. However, after the legislation was passed, it became a regulated market, which means online casinos are now officially acknowledged and regulated by law. The country’s laws determine the legality of online betting in a specific country.

iGaming Technologies and Trends

The iGaming industry keeps up with technological trends and changes constantly. This is shown by:

  1. The use of artificial intelligence in gaming: Gaming sites use AI algorithms to analyze player behavior and provide personalized experiences for each player, making the gaming experience more engaging.
  2. Virtual reality gaming has been increasing thanks to the advancements in technology. Players can now enjoy more immersive gaming experiences, which has resulted in the creation of virtual reality casinos and other similar gaming experiences.
  3. Cloud gaming has revolutionized how players access games by eliminating the need for downloads on their devices. This has not only made gaming more convenient and accessible but has also expanded the variety of games available to players.

The iGaming industry is utilizing the latest technology to improve the gaming experience for players. With technological advancements, the iGaming industry will continue to create more thrilling gaming experiences.