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Photos, Videos & Info Galore! 

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Mushing with Wisp Mountain in BackgrounNO SNOW?  NO PROBLEM!  Our huskies love to pull both our dogsled and our "dogsled-on-wheels."   Visit us at Mountain MD Kennels, LLC for an experience of a lifetime.  Just imagine… you and your family behind a team of beautiful working Siberians… mushing through gorgeous woods of brilliant Fall colors... or within a winter wonderland of tall pines dripping blankets of snow... or on trails thick with lush Spring greenery and wildflowers.   It’s eerily silent except for the dog’s panting and the tapping of paws on the ground.  Suddenly the stillness is broken by your voice:  “Gee!”  (Turn right.)  Or, “Haw!” (Turn left.)  The dogs respond and your sled or wheeled-sled glides around the curve and gains speed down the trail.   No other method of moving over land can come close to dogsledding.  It’s undeniable--you’ll love traveling at the speed of dog with your four-paw-drive!


"Have you broken trail on snowshoes? Mushed your huskies up the river,

Dared the unknown, led the way, and clutched the prize?"  ~Robert W. Service     


Mushing a Large Team in Fall Colors

Mike Mushing Christmas Tree Trail

Dogsledding is hugely popular as a recreational sport in many northern states, and a necessary part of survival in northern countries.  Whether mushers are running alongside their teams in a second-splitting race or being pulled by a small team on a twisting, snow covered trail for fun… the thrill of dogsledding excites the mind and warms the soul.  Other mushers may be out in the deep snow hauling a sled of firewood; while their neighbors enjoy dogs pulling them on wheels at the speed of light.  All of these mushers have three things in common:  love of dogsledding, love for their dogs and learned dogsledding skills. 


   Try it once and be hooked forever.

Smokey Portrait from L. BellOur working Siberian Huskies will entertain and thrill you with their obvious enjoyment of pulling a sled or cart, along with their northern sleddog beauty, smarts and antics.  We believe the total dogsledding experience should not only include exciting rides, but also a chance to see how the huskies live, play and train.  All tours beginning at Mountain Maryland Kennels, LLC will start with a kennel visit along with a presentation of dogsledding tidbits, lore and facts.  Ask a million questions!  Pet the puppies!  Assist us in harnessing the dogs if you like!  Then enjoy a ride (or try driving the rig) on the pristine wilderness trails of Garrett County.  Best of all, we're only about three miles from the WISP Ski Resort!

Awesome professional videos ("Outdoors MD" and more) are on our YouTube channel:  Husky Power YouTube Link   And if you'd like to see an internet video of our dogs in action, and/or have your own personal DVD sent to you, please see how on our "Reservations and Information" page.  Also, several great magazine articles have featured Husky Power's dogs and programs recently...  Southern Living Magazine; MD Life magazine: Blue Ridge Country magazine and MOAA Magazine among others.

We’re all going to the dogs, aye?  Please cruise all of our pages and contact us soon for your own personal Husky Power Dogsledding Adventure!


"The girls couldn't stop talking about our visit yesterday.  They all said it was the best trip we have ever taken--EVER!  The adults thought it was an event of a lifetime too.  Thanks so much for the wonderful experience -- it was a truly wonderful day.  We learned alot and loved meeting you guys and especially the dogs.  it was greeeeaaaatttt!!!     Junior Troop 3109, the moms, and the Arnold family.  

Mushing in Snow-- Team from Behind

Running a Team at Deep Creek Lake State Park

"No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich." - Louis Sabin .


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Husky Power Dogsledding

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