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About Our Family of Huskies



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The Siberian Husky and Alaskan Husky are well-known and popular dogsledding breeds.  Siberians have thick coats with a second layer of fur underneath which keep them warm in conditions many others dogs could not tolerate.  The Chukchi people of Siberia bred Siberian Huskies for thousands of years to be their working dogs and also their companions.  Their Sibes often shared their home, played with their children and sometimes slept with them to help keep them warm at night.  Hence the term:  “Three Dog Night.”  Here's a few tidbits about our "Brazen Huskies!"




Our "Metal Litter" was born during Christmas week, 2011.  They are one year old yearlings in these photos.  Both their Mom, "Roary" and their Dad, "Slider" are here with us as well.  There are many amazing photos of their growing lives on our "Puppies" page-- take a look at them on their birth night!  Four different colors!  Four different sets of eyes!! 

Three girls and one boy (Silver.)

COPPER portrait    STEELIE portrait


GOLDIE portrait   SILVER portrait



Biship Portrait in Watercolors

"BISHOP".....  joined us recently all the way from Alaska!  He is, believe it or not, a Lance Mackey dog!  For those of you who aren't familiar, Lance Mackey is an amazing long-distance dogsled racer who won several recent Iditarod races and Yukon Quest races in a row... some of them the same year back-to-back.  He was voted ESPN's "Athlete of the year" in 2008.  His dogs are just as remarkable... long-distance athletes themselves.  Bishop raced with Lance's teams 200 miles and 300 miles in 2008.  Now we do not NEED a dog of this high caliber-- but we brought him home to Husky Power anyways because we're just huge Lance-fans! He is loving life here!



Slider Portrait

“SLIDER”… A great addition to the family!   Slider came fSlider (white) and Bishop (Black) in Harnessrom the "Cell Phone Litter" so has siblings Blackberry and Treo.  (I had to ask.. since the litter theme was NOT hamburgers!) He is a bundle of energy and a descendent from a "North Wapiti Kennel" lead dog.  Slider is always jumping and play-bowing and jumping some more-- always, always smiling so huge that I think he will break his lips!!   He's been an awesome team worker too-- doesn't matter what he is doing, as long as he is doing it!  He has two girlfriends in the dogyard... Jag and Denali -- since he lives between them, he teases both girls. He is so cute it makes me smile big too.


Roary Portrait

“ROARY”… This gorgeous red/white girl joined Husky Power in December of 2008 all the way from Alberta, Canada.  Roary is another famous dog... well, at least she came from a well-known kennel.  "North Wapiti" the home of Karen Ramstead and her famous "Pretty Sleddogs."  Karen is well respected in mushing circles for finishing the Iditarod Sled Dog Race many times with pure-breed Siberian Huskies... proving that pretty dogs can also work!  You can see Karen's website at www.  Roary came from Karen's "NOISE LITTER" and she plans to have noisey puppies of her own this spring.  She is gentle and gentle and can I say it... more gentle.  She lies beside you on the couch and never moves a muscle except that kissing tongue one!

Zsa Portrait -2

Zsa portraitZSA-ZSA” wants nothing else in life but to run in front of the pack. (Errr. add sleep on our bed to that.)  She’s our best lead dog and will do back flips if you ask her to.  She's an adult Alaskan Husky with the calmness and wisdom of a senior.  Quiet and serene when she’s being harnessed to the sled, Zsa-Zsa will shoot forward at the word “Hike” and never stop.  She’s our most famous dog, being a direct descendent from Libby Riddles’ kennel in Alaska (first woman to win the Iditarod.)  She's also the dominant dog of the entire yard.  (Yes, a female!  And Yes, a Blonde!)


Thunder Portrait-1Thunder portrait-2“THUNDER” is a sweet, loving female  Alaskan Husky who will roll flat on her back for belly rubs -- when you just look at her!  Although young and small of stature, her convincing howl has earned her the loud name.  She'll sing (for more attention) to any visitor.  She's in deep doggy-love with Smokey and Frosty -- her two doggie-boyfriends.

Oreo Portrait

"OREO”  who is an adult Alaskan Husky cannot figure out how he got his name.  (Can you?)  But he does know what his nickname is....  "Nutter Butter."  Besides that, he told me that he's so very glad his name is not "Iggy."  He's a long, lean, running-machine who will trade autographs for kisses.  He and Bandit are famous... they appeared on the David Letterman show (winter 2005) pulling a dogsled down 47th Ave in Manhattan!

Jag Portrait

“JAG” is short for Jaguar.  And no, she wasn't named after the (big) cat!  Nor was she named after the luxury auto.  And not after a legal-dynamo either.  Her previous owners named a litter of pups after pro sports teams.  Go ahead and test your sports-team knowledge.  (Hint:  her siblings go by Raider, Charger, Eagle, Ram, Colt, etc.)  Jag is a fantastic lead dog-- calm, under control, smart and born-to-run (and with elegant long legs.).  She's a smaller sized, lean racing Siberian machine who came to us from "Snostorm Siberians" professional pure-breed Siberian racing kennels in Indiana.  

Colt Portrait

“COLT”  you guessed it... is Jag's brother.  He's also a great leader-- we are so fortunate to have them.  They are both light-as-a-feather compared to many of our other pups for they were bred to race against the best purebred dogsled teams in America.  (The smaller the dog's body, the more efficient the transfer of built-up heat.)  Colt, of course, is aware he does not resemble a horse or a revolver.  Or, an old compact car for that matter.  He came from Indiana, home of the Indiana Colts. 

Charger portraitCharger Portrait-2“CHARGER”   as you must know by now, this boy is named after a ball team.  He's Jag and Colt's brother... but much longer in the body and the long snout.  There's no way to leave this guy behind when you go for a dogsledding run-- or when you just walk by for that matter.  He's all about work and love-- and love and work.  Kind of like my husband (when he's good.)  He and his siblings are AKC registered-- but not show dogs by any means.  They're Siberian SLEDDOGS and they know it! 

Indy Portrait

"INDY" (Indy-A-Go-Go) also came from Indiana (go figure) along with Jag and Colt.  He's not a sibling... as you can guess by the name.  An adult now, Indy, who I really wanted to name SPOT instead, joins our other pups in working hard and frolicking hard.  His coat is called a "piebald" with it's unusual markings... similar to a pinto pony.  (He should be the one named Colt.)  Little  Mr. Indy-A-Go-Go-Spot can easily jump up and land squarely in your arms...  and does this way too often.  When he sleeps, all stretched out on his house, melted chocolate chip ice cream comes to mind.

Denali Portrait--1Denali Portrait-2

"DENALI” .... oh boy, Denali!  She and Gunny will surely steal your heart.  Puppies can get no cuter than these two Sibes, who are littermates born in April 2005.  We have no doubt this beautiful girl is destined to be a leader of merit--she's always first in everything they do... especially mischief!  She and Gunny have the same Mom as Buzz...  Here they are as both puppies and adults.


Gunny Portrait Adult


GUNNY” is a nickname for "Shotgun."  He and his (much smaller) pup sister Denali flew to us from their home in Alaska at just 12 weeks old. They love it here-- especially because they have each other to wrestle with all day.   But the problem is... they grow bigger every single minute!  This boy just sort of expoloded one day... he's already the biggest dog in our kennel now.  You should see what BIG plus PUPPY acts like.


Zoomer, Sabot and Rosie in Christmas Collarsthree pups sitting

ZOOMER, SABOT AND ROSIE” were born in March 2007, so you'll have to figure out how old they are now.  Miss Denali and Mr. Czar fell in love and we now have three beautiful Siberians who are already great addtions to our teams! We had such fun "having babies" that we made a page full of pictures of them growing up... well, a page for each week of their lives for the first few months!  Take a look on our puppy link to see them change and grow right before your eyes.   They cannot wait to play with you!!


Rosie Portrait

ROSIE” was the first-born and was named by Linda's Mom.  Guess what Linda's Mom's name is?!!!  This girl is fiesty and the hardest player of all-- always eager to go and jump.  Yet she's the smallest of the three--the runt?  (Mom's name is Rosie.)  Oh my gosh is she so cute... and as an adult she has energy to burn... always "wooing" for more attention.



Zoomer yearling running portrait

Zoomer pup laying with foot

"ZOOMER” actually Zoomed out of the womb... so Linda named her after her first "run."  She was third born and dark and large.  Very large!  She has quite and distinct personality-- private and willing to give you attention only when she feels like it.  Miss Independent Zoomer is very long in body and leg.  Here she is as a pup and a 1.5 year old. on a run.







Frosty portrait

“FROSTBITE” or Frosty for short.  He's perfectly described as our “Gentle Giant.”  One of the biggest huskies in the clan, yet the most quiet and loving.  Mostly Malamute, and strong as an ox, Frosty will lead the team on a great run or happily work from the wheel (last in line) position.  He always gazes up at you with his “I just knew you loved me the best” look.  His unique eyes grace the top of these pages.

Frosty went to live with our helper Jay--who fell in love with 'Ole Frost when mushing with him.


Iggy Portrait

"IGGY" resembles a golden furry wiggly-piggy ...but that's not how he got his name.  When he whines (loudly) for belly scratches, I look around the dog yard for a loose goose 'cause he sounds exactly like one!  He goose calls.  This guy is Bandit's brother and has the exact same body shape. Because he's so beautiful, most folks think he's a girl (don't tell him that.)  BIG-IGG runs best in wheel or team position, especially next to Oreo.  He goes with us to schools.

Our sweet Iggy passed in January, 2012.


Buzz Portrait

“BUZZ” who received the full name, courtesy of our grandson, “Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue Puppy," isn't really a puppy anymore-- he is a DOG.  This guy refuses to be left behind when we go for a run.  He sprints next to an older dog while learning the ropes and training to be a leader.  No other dog can play good enough or long enough for him.  “Buzz Light” is the son of our oldest master Siberian, Czar.  Buzz was adopted by a family from Baltimore... he's romping in the house and on the boat with two young boys!


Smokey bowl portrait

"SMOKEY” is an adult, but also the silliest pup to ever romp in a kennel.  When its dinnertime, actually anytime for that matter, he grabs his bowl and plays with it for hours.  Every morning we awaken to the sounds of Smokey's toenails tapping on his stainless-steel bowl.   Because water doesn't seem to want to stay in... this dog gets a second "play bowl" to bat around.  Smokey has a distinctive black arrow on his nose, which is shared to a lesser degree by his half-siblings Blackie and Mickey.  We miss you SMOKE!


Blackie Portrait

"BLACKIE” also known as “Wackie-Blackie,” is an adult Siberian that does best running in wheel (last) position trying to catch up with the females.  He shows off his good looks by prancing, dancing and, of course, telling hilarious jokes.  His brother and sister, Trapper and Mickey, don’t mind a bit for they know they can pull just as strong.  (As of April 2011 he is now a couch potato and jogging partner with a couple kooks in Pittsburgh.)

Czar Portrait

“CZAR”… also known as “The Big Man Around Campus” is our senior Sibe and he knows it.  At fifteen years old now, Czar can do just about anything he wants~ except jump on his doghouse!  He has the thickest coat, the shortest legs, and the deepest howl.  We are amazed everyday as we watch him enjoying his second -childhood playing with his toys.  He’s an expert puppy trainer and loves to romp with his son, Buzz. 


Sabot Portrait

SABOT” was second-born... a boy!  SABOT is short for Sabotage...  and is used as a name for the "round" that comes barrelling out of a military tank when fired.  Of course, Colonel Mike named this guy.  He is a bit "slow" for a round... but will lay on his back for hours in motionless bliss.   His sisters are Rosie and Zoomer... lots of photos of them on our "Puppies" page.

Sabot had some bad seizures and left us at a young age.


MICKEY” looks like a baby mouse in a kennel full of huskies.  Our tiniest Sibe of all—she proves herself by pulling harder and jumping higher than anyone.  At about 37 pounds, she doubles as a lapdog, and always acts like one.  As small as she is, Mickey has learned, however, to be heard—howling louder then her brothers Blackie and Trapper.  ( She is now living in PA with a nice family and a Border Collie who herds her around the yard.)




“TRAPPER” looks dapper and surely is a yapper.  Never seeming to quiet down, he can yip, howl, and whine for hours until you give him those beloved belly rubs.  YappieTrappie loves to run anywhere in the team but lead.  Be careful taking a picture with this guy—he’ll lick you and the camera.  (He is now a beloved, spoiled couch potatoe with parents and their son near DC in MD. )


Bandit Portrait


“BANDIT" is our very thick-furred, cuddly, fearless and monstrous leader of a Siberian.  He's older but just now getting to be his best.  Throw him a treat and he can catch it mid-air at five feet above his head.  It takes alot to be a good leader, and Bandit's got it.  He tries to lead us to China and back!  His daughter is Thunder.  Mr.  Bandit and Oreo share a claim to fame.



“NELLIE” is our shelter sleddog… rescued from a shelter in Alaska.  She’s about six now and shows her stuff around the kennel by teasing all the males.  Nellie will sit with her back to you (in a huff) when she decides she’s been ignored too long.  She’s one of the smallest dogs in the yard, but one of the smartest, especially when she runs.  Because of her ceaseless exuberance, she’s earned the nickname “Whoa Nellie.”  She now lives with a single adult female in PA... who give each other the best company and spoil each other rotten!



Husky Power Dogsledding

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