Husky Power Dogsledding
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He was just too frail and little to make it, although we bottle fed him every two hours... Tiny Tim suckled but could not utilize the nutrients.  On day 14 he was only 10 ounces, while the other puppies were four times as large at over 40 ounces!  It is sad, but it also is "Nature's Way."  It is surprising he was able to hang on that long-- what a determinated fighter!  Tiny passed pain free and with Roary comforting him.  We are thankful he did not have to face a life of hardship with undeveloped organs and such.  Here is our pictorial tribute to a dedicated Mom and the brave fighter, Tiny Tim!

Brown puppy with Tiny Tim sleeping between his legs     Tiny Tim suckling with his siblings

 Five pups all sleeeping apart     Tiny Tim between Mom's back legs 

   Black puppy with Tiny Tim sleeping on his front leg

Close up of Mom's eyes and Tiny Tim in the backgroung


Husky Power Dogsledding

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