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THREE WEEKS OLD!   Eyes open, Walking...  Wrestling!

They've come such a long, long way!  Everyone opened their eyes on day 15 of life... and everyone started TRYING to walk... one step & fall over... one step and fall over... the same day.  Now they tumble around and try to suckle on each other's nose!  After another week goes by we'll give them their first soft dog food-- for now, it's all Mom's milk.  They will soon "outgrow" their whelping box.  They are finding voices too.

"Hey, are you listening to me?!!  I'm talking to you!  ....

Just 'cause you can see now doesn't mean you don't have to listen to me!"

Gold puppy and Red Puppy

   "I MEAN it!!!  Listen up!~  I am loud just like MOM!"

Red puppy "talking" to gold puppy

Let's see... just like strong and precious metals:  Iron, Silver, Copper and Gold!

(The boy is lying down on the job-- Silver!"

Four puppies wrestling

"HELLO WORLD!  HERE I AM!  I am a precious GOLD PUPPY!  I am the most beautiful Girl!"

portrait of gold puppy   Second portrait of gold puppy

"Uhhh, I don't think so Goldie--  Miss COPPER colored puppy here... voted most pretty and loud too!"

Portrait of Red puppy  portrait of red puppy

"Oh gads you two... everyone knows that I AM the most deeply colored, rich lookin' Girl Puppy-- deep BLACK!"

Black puppy portraitBlack puppy portrait

"You all are such a a bunch of girlies-- I, ME, am STRONG SILVER-- Hello World!  From me, THE boy."

portrait of silver puppy  Silver puppy portrait

"Now where DID that little silver stinker go!"  I just know he has been trying to escape his whelping box!!"

Roary's eyes tooRoary's eye

"I can do it!  I know I can do it!~~!  There's more milk out there! Here I come world!"

Silver escape-1Silver escape 2

Silver escape 3Silver escape--final


Husky Power Dogsledding

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