Dogsledding Poetry


Moon Song


Darkness smothers the sky.

Nature’s starry show

obliterated by harsh

city lights.


And yet...even here...

the full lunar glow

cannot be obscured.


And I know...

In places unblemished

by humans’ marks...

Where stars and moon

conjoin in infinity’s mosaic...

Compelled perhaps

by ancestral yearnings

we cannot comprehend...

dogs are transformed as-

heads pivoted skyward-

soft canine howls

speak to the moon.


Silhouetted against the night,

initiated by one or two,

soon all will forge

a flawless song.

Unplanned, unrehearsed...

notes surge and ebb

in a melodic miracle.


And the moon

and the stars

and the dogs’ songs

illuminate the night.


I smile and remember....

and join the concert

in halcyon dreams.



Written and presented by Ms. Jan Rivers, Germantown, MD


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