Dogsledding Poetry





In the beginning,

you were so small.

Helpless and fragile,

you entered the harsh world,

seeking solace in your mother’s warmth.

You were so small,

and dreams had not yet found you.


You grew.

Soon, you opened your tiny eyes,

heard your first sounds,

took hesitant first steps.

You were quite small,

and dreams had not yet found you.


You grew bigger.

You began to eagerly delve

into the world around you.

Cautious curiosity gave way

to earnest explorations.

Hesitant first steps evolved;

bolder, confident ones emerged.

You were still small,

but dreams began to seek you.


You grew bigger still.

Now, strong legs and sturdy paws

respond to ancient instincts.

You pull and run......

And run and pull.

Again and again

you fly down the trails.

And dreams have found you.


Written and presented by Ms. Jan Rivers, Germantown, MD
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