Puppies Growing...

Twenty-Two Weeks Old




"Hi!  Guess who came to visit us?!  MOM!  We're hanging-out with our MOMMA!"



"My Hu-Mom says I look like my Dog-Mom.  Think so??"


"Oh PLEASE MOM?!  Can we go and play?  PLEEEEZZZZEEE"


"Oh thank you, thank you!  Yes--I promise to pick-up my t-bones!"


"HEY!  I said you could play... I didn't say you could play with MY EAR!"


"Listen... (do-dah-do...)  Do you want to know a secret?  (Do-dah-do...)


"Now that's correct young man..  Sit up straight...  Ears forward...

Let me get that spot on your collar... "


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