Puppies Growing....





SABOT is on the left above....   He has the personality of a typical teenage boy--sleeps all the time & into his own thing (video games?!)  He often will stand with his front paws in the water bowl just staring at himself while the two girls tumble and wrestle.    He loves to lick your legs until you pick him up, then he'll stay quietly still in your arms.  He'll keep his blue eyes, thank you.

ROSIE is in the middle....   She has turned out to be the most outgoing, vivacious and boldest of the three--even though she is the smallest.  If there's something to discover  (or tear up) she'll  be out there doing it & finding it and tearing it!    She loves to squirm & lick your face when held.  Blue, too!

ZOOMER is on the right....   She is still the biggest puppy of them all, but she's in the middle where boldness is concerned.  She'll use her weight to hold Rosie down, while Rosie uses her twisting prowness to get free.  Zoomer loves to hug your arm tight when you hold her.    It'll be brown all the way to town for this girl... and she uses those big baby browns to her advantage!             









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